Our Story


The Neville Roller Drome is the largest skating facility in Allegheny County. Since 1948 it has been a part of the Greater Pittsburgh community and beyond. With a passion for skating, the Neville Roller Drome strives to have everyone experience the joy of a social sport along with the health benefits of a fun exercise.

The Neville Roller Drome also plays an active role in the local, national, and international skating communities.

The Neville Roller Drome can accommodate personal to corporate skating events and more.

Roller Skating is Old School? It’s so much more!

For more than 70 years, Neville Roller Drome has been all about family-oriented, multi-generational fun for kids, teens, parents, and grandparents.

A Place to Create Memories

Walking into Neville Roller Drome, you immediately get a sense of its history. For decades, skaters circled the rink to the sound of live organ music. The regulation figure circles on the floor provide a great space for skaters who are still competing in artistic skating.

Today, the rink’s amenities have been modernized. There is a nice blend of modern and retro. Organ music can still be heard Thursday mornings and contemporary music is played throughout other skate sessions. Regardless of the skate session, the vibe is the same — lots of laughter, smiling faces, and the excitement of rolling along to music that gets the heart pumping.

The owners, Jim and Sophie, are passionate about creating a unique place for people to build memorable life moments — to have fun, to get moving, to enjoy friends and family, or to just enjoy their own individual space — away from the many distractions and interruptions that make up life today. From birthday celebrations and family or club get-togethers to first dates or wedding vow renewals, and so much more — life happens here!

From the heart, roller skating is the life of Neville Roller Drome, and the dedication to make this the best facility of its kind shows. The Neville Roller Drome is home to the Pittsburgh Derby Brats, a junior roller derby team for ages 10 through 17, and the Pittsburgh Undead for adults. What really says it all: the facility attracts skaters from the greater Pittsburgh area, Johnstown, Slippery Rock, Ohio, West Virginia, Washington DC, and even the Carolinas, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Colorado, and beyond.

Come join us on the floor!