Session Parties

We are able to hold parties during our public skate session Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We call these “session parties” (see what we did there 😉) It’s a great way to have a small group (up to 18 people) gather for a fun celebration.

There is a maximum of three parties during the session. Select the dedicated 30 minutes in the party room (we only have one room for parties) and come out to roll the entire session.

Session Skate Party

Saturday 1:00 – 4:00 PM session time

Sunday 2:00 – 5:00 PM session time


All applicable taxes and fees included.

Pricing is subject to change without advanced notice.

$220.00 for up to the first 10 party guests
$22.00 for each additional party guest
[Party room seats maximum of 18]

Spectators pay admission.


  • Admission to the entire skate session
  • Rental (Quad or Inline Skate)
  • Birthday Shoutout
  • Song Dedication
  • 1/2 Hour in the Party Room
  • Party host(ess)
  • Small Drink
  • Slice of Pizza
  • Plates, Napkins, Forks, etc.

Bring a cake or cupcakes and celebrate!

Please Note: no other outside food is permitted.

Light decorations (table coverings, balloons, banners) are permitted.

Pinatas, confetti, and/or glitter are not permitted.

For larger groups or special celebrations, we can accommodate private parties.