Pro Shop

Why should you buy skates at the Yinz Skate Pro Shop at the Neville Roller Drome? We know skating! There are a lot of considerations that go into purchasing the proper pair of skates. We are able to provide expert guidance to help you through this process better than any large chain store can. We will make sure that you receive the best pair of skates while taking into consideration your style of skating and working within your budget. We can help you find your pair of traditional roller skates to inline skates along with derby gear to skate bags. And we have a myriad of accessories from wheels to bearings to laces. We will provide you with a concierge service of buying skates to get you rolling properly. And we will provide support throughout your skating years.

Stop by and check out what we have available or check out our online store by clicking here: YINZ SKATE PRO SHOP ONLINE

To schedule an appointment email or call 412-264-9856. Let us help you buy the right pair of skates!