Everyone has a part in making sure we all have a good time.

General Rules:

  • During Friday and Saturday evening skate sessions, no one under 10 permitted. Anyone between 10 and 17 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian (21 or older) unless using personal skates and follow rink rules
  • Everyone under 18 must have skates on (with the exception of parents/guardians)
  • No outside food or drinks
  • No foul or offensive language
  • No gum
  • No sitting on or climbing over the walls
  • No walking on the skating surface
  • Keep all food and drinks in the cafe
  • Respect all staff and team members
  • And drama llamas – drop it at the door

Skating Rules:

  • All personal skates need to be checked at the door
    • No dirty skates
    • No protruding bolts or other parts that can damage the floor
    • Stoppers must be in good repair
    • Inlines must have all wheels in place
  • Skate in the correct direction
  • Do not carry children while skating
  • No racing (unless it’s a race skate)
  • No playing tag
  • No rough/unsafe behavior
  • No use of electronic devices on the floor
    (e.g. cell phones, iPods, etc.)
  • No sunglasses or other items that will impede vision and safety
  • Be considerate to all skaters, spectators, staff, and team members


  • No see-through clothing
  • No belly shirts
  • No tube tops
  • No low cut jeans
  • No low cut tops
  • No short shorts
  • No backless shirts
  • No visible underwear – no sagging!
  • No foul/obscene/lewd language 
  • Socks must be worn with rental/inline skates

If you have any questions concerning the rules, feel free to contact us.